hark! recordings is the label we set up to release our records, along with other projects by members of Hamilton Yarns.

HARK! 01 Hamilton Yarns Homing Calls Buy here
HARK! 02 Hamilton Yarns As Far As You Can Buy here
HARK! 03 Hamilton Yarns If the Wind Is Still Buy here
HARK! 04 Hamilton Yarns Mr Jack Buy here
HARK! 05 The Mark A History of Dance Vol. 1-3 Out of stock
HARK! 06 Clarence Palmer Hospice Out of stock
HARK! 07 Hamilton Yarns Farewell Sparklets Out of stock
HARK! 08 Hamilton Yarns The Show-Boat, Over Buy here
HARK! 09 Hamilton Yarns Search for the Underwater Town Buy here
HARK! 10 Hamilton Yarns A.M. Out of stock
HARK! 11 King Alfred The High Life Buy here
HARK! 12 Hamilton Yarns Rising Buy here
HARK! 13 Hamilton Yarns Hello Sparkle! Buy here
HARK! 14 King Alfred Man of Leisure Hate Mail  
HARK! 15 The Sound of Antler Them Bones Coming soon
HARK! 16 Hamilton Yarns For The Ones Who Took
The Trouble To Include Us
In Their Story - C44 cassette
and A1 poster
HARK! 17 Hamilton Yarns Are You Still There? Buy here
HARK! 18 Hamilton Yarns Calm Down Grandad Buy here
HARK! 19   Birdboy book  
HARK! 20   Prince Volume book and CD  
HARK! 21   The Window and the Tree book  

Homing Calls

As Far As You Can

If The Wind Is Still

Mr Jack

Farewell Sparklets

The Show-Boat, Over

Search for the
Underwater Town



Hello Sparkle

Are You Still There?

Calm Down Grandad

A History of Dance Vol. 1-3


The High Life