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New album! The Orchard

Friday, April 4th, 2014

This album brings together a collection of piano-based pieces that we wrote five odd years ago. We recorded the piano parts at the time at West Hill Hall in Brighton and All Saints Church in Lewes, and let them settle for a bit.

Then we came up with a load of new tunes and started playing them live, ones that incorporated electricity into the mix, and we started recording those new songs. And before we knew it the piano album had drifted into the land that Yarns forgot…

Then last year we thought – why not send out those bare-bones piano tracks to some musical friends and see what they make of them?

We were excited at the idea of incorporating new sounds, instruments and ways of playing that wouldn’t normally occur to us. Thus we have:

Adam Bushell on saw, phonofiddle and vibraphone
Emma Gatrill on harp
Marcus Hamblett on guitar and synth
Jo Burke on violin.

Later – as the broth started to bubble – we added an extra tablespoon of new blood in the form of Jo Dimbleby on vocals and Ayla Savakain on recorder.

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It’s also up on Bandcamp here

Below is a selection of some of the album’s 15 tracks. Take a listen