Search for the
Underwater Town

(Double CD 2007)

The houses are way out of sight
Under the water there's no light
F.M. P.M.
Crows around the
Underwater Town
One Hand in the Casket
Bronze Age Rapier
Eyes at the Window
Newhaven to Dieppe
Roll on Roll Off
M for Mekaneck
In the Park I
Dog in the Distance
Future Man/Primal Man
Crowd around the People
The Sea was Alive
Ready Steady Go!
The World is Falling
Search for the
Underwater Town
Walking In
The Birds Bob
Pond Stalker
Walking Out
Wade Across the Paddock
Industrial Revolt
Down the Slope
Boats on Land
Marching Band
In the Park II
Diggers Lament
Up on the Hill
Time to Watch
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