Hamilton Yarns formed in the winter of two thousand and two with a desire to tell tales.

Iain Paxon, Alistair Strachan and Richard Herring started the ball rolling with a series of songs woven together by a fanfare of lost horns and stubby fingered guitar picking.

The CD Homing Calls was recorded with vocal help from Jo and Sam

Hamilton Yarns played various gigs in their home town of Brighton England and sometimes places further afield like Norwich and London.

The CD As Far As You Can was recorded with vocal help from Joss. Iain bought a piano and songs started taking on a musichall flavour

Richard went on holiday

Caroline Weeks joined on flute and voice on a bunch of increasingly character based songs made up from half truths and allegories.

Hamilton Yarns performed If The Wind Is Still accompanied by silhoette slide shows to illustrate the tales.

The musical Bird Boy was written in the autumn of two thousand and three with much assistance from Blue Monsoon and vocal help from Joss, Sam, James and others. The recording will be finished one day. More >>>

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