During two thousand and five the group recorded quite a lot of songs, but were puzzled as to what to do with them. By the end of the year they had found the answer. With the money in the bank (see below)they decided to make a LP.

In the summer they played in the foyer of the Barbican as part of the Contemporary Folk Archive exhibition. People sat on the carpet and ate their lunch, listening politely.

The art world called again - this time the group were invited to Camden Art Centre to play as part of Hayley Newman's performance piece Their feet should not touch anything solid, in which they made music only when lifted off the ground by the audience. The following month they were asked back for the Summer Fair. They played in the garden. People came by in their ones and twos, nodding off in the sun.

Next minute it was Winter, and the group were playing in upstairs rooms, such as this one in the Albert pub. More >>>

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